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May 28 in San Diego, California

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Hello Friends,

The family system is one of the most essential systems in our world. Everyone can be traced to a family.

Unfortunately, many families seem to be going through a hard time. Many have failed in the area of parenting. Many struggle with boring relationships and true love seems far away from couples who were one-time lover birds.

This is why we have set up this WEEKEND FAMILY WORKSHOP to help you become an expert at parenting, spark up your love for your partner and ensure your family is programmed for success and happiness.

You can't afford to miss this event.

What You'll Get Out Of Our

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Understand the User manual for every couple
There is a manual for every relationship. If every individual is different, then expecting your spouse to act the exact way you want may never come to pass. In this workshop, you will learn why your spouse acts the way he/she does and how to get the best of him/her

Understand The Art of Parenting
Honestly, parenting can be a headache, especially in this dynamic world. The syllabus of parenting has gradually changed, unfortunately, a lot of parents are yet to adjust accordingly. This workshop will show you exactly how to parent Gen Z, Gen Alpha, etc and get predictable success results

Get your perfect juice
Why do couple's love for each other grow cold? What are those things you can engage in that can spark up your first love? Find out in this workshop and thereafter enjoy an almost perfect love-life you never thought was possible

Experience Couples' therapy that works
Most times, a lot of people act based on negatives they may have encountered in the past. In this workshop, we will go into a therapy session that will heal up those negative memories consciously or unconsciously affecting you.

Join us in San Diego, California | May 28, 2022

for this Family-Transforming Experience

Meet the Host & Speaker

Host Pastor: Rev. Dr. Cyprian Iwuaba
Cyprian Iwuaba Sr. is a dynamic teacher of the Word. Born and raised in Nigeria, at age twenty, he started teaching Sunday school and later became the Sunday School Superintendent Years later, he had a call from God in his life into a full-time ministry and was ordained in 1979. He is a graduate of Morris Cerullo School of Ministry in San Diego, Southern California Bible College, and Tribune Biblical University Kelso, Washington where he obtained a master of theology and a Doctor of Christian counseling. He served as Assistant Pastor at Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church from 1986 to 1993. In 1994, he started a church with his friends in his living room where he was elected the lead pastor. That ministry gave birth to Abundant Grace Christian Center in 2003.


Invited Speaker: Praise Fowowe
Praise Fowowe is a world-class thinker, speaker, author, sex educator, child abuse activist, futurist, and Africa’s premier creator and trainer of Family Systems Engineering. As the Principal consultant of Praise Fowowe International and founder of The Institute of Family Engineering & Development Africa, he is an internationally acclaimed family life strategist and crisis manager.

A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on relationships that have been applauded all over the continent as one of the most effective when it comes to marital, parenting, and child sexual abuse prevention issues.

He is an authority in the field and a frame of reference for many. He has developed several life-changing contents in his quest to rid this continent of sex predators and pedophiles and his family systems Engineering template is now being deployed by family life professionals across the continent.

Praise works across 5 continents strengthening family systems and preventing child sexual abuse with creative interventions.

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TIME: 10.00AM - 4.00PM (PST)
5858 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, California CA 92115.

Perks: Light Refreshment will be provided

Further inquiries, pls call (619) 640-2211, 6198507780, 6198507780 or email [email protected]

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